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It's your yard. But we treat it like it's ours.

More than just a place to buy trees, at Vollmin, our experienced staff takes the guesswork out of tree planting, assisting homeowners and landscapers with tree planting optimal design with their visions in mind. 


Family-owned and operated since 1966, Vollmin has perfected a process for successfully harvesting and planting trees.  With attention to detail, all trees are dug, basketed and stored in spring before planting season to stock your landscaping project all season long. 


Vollmin Trees - Transport 2_edited.jpg

Trees are just like you,

they don't need any extra stress 

With over 50+ years of experience, we’ve mastered the most effective way to move and plant trees, with the least amount of stress, on the trees — and our customers!

Using low-impact machinery and top-quality spades, we manage jobs of all shapes and sizes, with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We like stress-free trees. 

 And stress-free clients. 


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We take the guesswork out of

tree placement

If you've just moved into a newly built house or acreage and need help with Alberta climate considerations, how to design the landscape, and which trees best suit your property and the Alberta climate, take advantage of our tree placement services. 

Our knowledgeable staff ​offers invaluable advice on different tree species. where to place them, and how to get the most out of your investment and outdoor space.

Watch Vollmin at work!


We're more than just a place to buy high-quality trees

At Vollmin, we also offer a range of earthworks services. From creating tree beds to seeding grass or grading driveways and industrial yards, we can help get your landscape started. 

Acreage owner working with a limited budget?

Reduce dust and weeds and increase curb appeal with one of our supply and service packages that includes property grading, tree planting and seeding grass. 


We treat our trees (and our clients) with care 

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Redesigning your yard?  Taking on a landscaping project and needing to move a tree?


We don’t just sell the best Chinook-hardy trees. We also move them.


Vollmin offers an on-site tree move and dig, basket and transport service. Using our skid steer with an attached tree spade, we can move trees with up to a 4” diameter trunk at the base.


Rest assured, we handle our projects with high-quality and efficient service. 


“Top notch! Used these guys several times over the years. Best quality Alberta trees, great prices, and excellent people to work with. 


Stop searching around, you’ve found the best.”

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