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Trees are like people. They like to be nurtured.

Landscaped trees depend on homeowners for water. After your trees are planted, it's essential to take care of your surviving and replacement trees with proper watering and tree care.  

Read up below for the essentials of new tree care.  



Tree nuturing and Alberta Tree Care

Most of a tree's roots are still within the original root ball for the first several months after planting.  During this time, the root ball and surrounding soil should be kept evenly moist to encourage healthy root growth.


It can take two or more growing seasons for a tree to become established and roots to venture into the soil well beyond the planting hole. It's vital to provide supplemental moisture in those early years.


During hot, dry weather, new trees may require water as often as two times per week to ensure that the root ball doesn't dry out.


Tree Fertizlier

Fertilizers can supplement nutrients to soil promoting healthy trees and solid growth.

Vollmin recommends an all-purpose water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer.


The best time to apply fertilizer is at the beginning of the growing season and in moist, cooler conditions.

Do not apply fertilizer during hot, dry summer months as it causes the trees stress. Too much fertilizer is not good for the trees.


Pruning Alberta Trees

Tree pruning is an important aspect of tree care.  This will stimulate and direct the new growth.


Pruning in the dormant or late growing season will redirect the tree's energy to branches and buds that remain.


Dead, diseased or damaged branches can be removed at any time, which eliminates the spread and improves the overall appearance of the tree.

Pruning yearly will improve the density of foliage and will control canopy shape.

Still have questions about your tree's health?

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