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  • Tree of the week: Spring Snow Crabapple

    Despite the name this flowering crabapple tree doesn't produce any fruit, making it the perfect tree for your yard! You get the beautiful, fragrant flowers without having to worry about the mess from fruit! Vibrant white flowers will cover the tree in spring, with greens leaves that change to yellow in the fall. This is the perfect tree for your front yard!

  • Transplanting Spruce Trees

    Every spring hundreds of spruce trees are dug to be transplanted into your yard. The trees must be dug and put into baskets and burlap before they start to bud, which happens in late spring. Once they are in the baskets they are moved to our holding yard where they wait to be selected to be planted in yards all over Calgary and area! Our tree nursery is located just outside Calgary and we have been serving the Calgary area since 1966, including Cochrane, Chestemere, Airdrie, Okotoks, Springbank, Dewinton, etc. Check out the cool video below that shows the whole process of transplanting a tree from the tree farm right to your yard!

  • Acreage Specials!

    We speacialize in transforming your acreage from bland to spectacular, with high quality prairie-hardy trees. From our tree nursery to your yard the trees are exceptionally cared and hand picked to best suit your home. We offer specials for large quantities of trees including Colorado spruce, columnar aspen, Schubert, and many more! Give us a call today to get your acreage looking top notch!

  • Our trees are coming in!

    We hauled in our first two loads of trees today! Colorado Spruce and Schubert! Give us a call to order trees! 403-860-6957

  • Calgary Tree Sales

    Vollmin Trees has been family owned and servicing the Calgary area since 1966. Our tree nursery is stocked with Chinook hearty trees ready to be planted in your yard or at your commercial site. We work efficiently to meet all of your tree needs. From tree sales to tree planting we will exceed expectations, transforming your yard or site.

  • Tree of the Week: Thunderchild Flowering Crab

    These trees have vibrant purple leaves and bark. They feature a heavy pink blossom in the spring. These are one of the larger options for a flowering crab. Be the envy of your street with these beautiful flowering crab. They are a great accent to break up the colour for any tree planting/landscaping project.

  • Tree of the Week: Colorado Spruce

    This week's Tree of the Week is the Colorado Blue Spruce. These trees our fast growing, and suited perfect for the harsh climate of Calgary. They provide year round greenery and privacy. Whether you want one to accent your yard, or 100 to naturally fence in your acreage, they always look great.

  • Tree of the Week: Swedish Columnar Aspen

    Our Swedish Columnar Aspen make for a great natural wall between you and your neighbors. These trees mostly grow upwards, so they won't take up valuable space in your yard, but they will make the space you have feel more secluded. Fast growing, and well suited to Calgary's climate.

  • Tree of the Week: Mayday

    This green leafed tree produces beautiful white blossoms in the Spring. They are a great tree for providing shade because of the size of the canopy. Mayday's are fast growing, dense trees certain to add character to any project.

  • Tree of the week: Shubert Cherry

    The Shubert is a beautiful, densely leafed, fast growing tree. It's large canopy is great for shade and privacy. In the spring the leafs start out green, but as the season moves on (around June) they turn a vibrant purple colour. These trees are very hearty and do well in the Calgary climate.

  • Tree of the Week: Brandon Elm

    These trees are green leafed with a "V" shaped canopy. They grow upwards instead of outwards. These are great for a front or back yard in the city, or a nice acreage. These trees are commonly seen along boulevards in Calgary.

  • Tree of the Week: Snowbird Hawthorne

    This is an ornamental tree, meaning it grows slower and stays smaller. This tree features glossy serrated leaves, and blossoms white in the spring. They have a distinct golden coloured bark, great for accenting your landscaping project.

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