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  • Acreage Specials!

    We speacialize in transforming your acreage from bland to spectacular, with high quality prairie-hardy trees. From our tree nursery to your yard the trees are exceptionally cared and hand picked to best suit your home. We offer specials for large quantities of trees including Colorado spruce, columnar aspen, Schubert, and many more! Give us a call today to get your acreage looking top notch!

  • Our trees are coming in!

    We hauled in our first two loads of trees today! Colorado Spruce and Schubert! Give us a call to order trees! 403-860-6957

  • Calgary Tree Sales

    Vollmin Trees has been family owned and servicing the Calgary area since 1966. Our tree nursery is stocked with Chinook hearty trees ready to be planted in your yard or at your commercial site. We work efficiently to meet all of your tree needs. From tree sales to tree planting we will exceed expectations, transforming your yard or site.

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  • TREE SALES | Vollmin Trees

    CALL NOW ALBERTA-GROWN TREES For projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a residential homeowner purchasing just one tree, an acreage owner purchasing 100, or a landscaper looking for wholesale, Vollmin offers a large variety of Chinook-hardy trees grown in the Alberta climate zone for a variety of outdoor spaces. SEND US AN EMAIL Large Yard & Acregages LARGER YARDS & ACREAGES When it comes to larger properties and acreages, we understand that homeowners have unique needs and expectations. With 50+ years of experience supplying the best quality trees to customers in Calgary and surrounding areas, we've come to know acreage owners well. From providing more extensive stocks of the best Chinook-hardy trees to working with landscapers on design and placement and offering turn-key style service, Vollmin meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Your tree supply needs met, your expectations exceeded. TURN KEY-SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCT UNBEATABLE PRICES "Just a fine establishment with great people doing incredible work. If you are looking for excellent client service while also professional planting of trees, Cole and his team at Vollmin Trees will deliver. We found their prices cost-effective and their warranty very attractive. Would definitely work with them in the future" James J Placing a large order? We offer a wholesale discount. MAKE AN INQUIRY BROWSE TREE SPECIES Residential Sales RESIDENTIAL TREE SALES At Vollmin, we don’t just provide quality trees. We help customers choose the right tree to fit mature yards and existing landscapes. Browse our selection of trees, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. Find the tree you're looking for here. Vollmin Trees - Pine Vollmin Trees - Columnar Spruce Vollmin Trees - Lilac Vollmin Trees - Mountain Ash Vollmin Trees - Willow Vollmin Trees - Courageous Tree Vollmin Trees - Thunderchild Vollmin Trees - Gladiator Tree Vollmin Trees - Starlite Vollmin Trees - Spring Snow Vollmin Trees - Rosthern Tree Vollmin Trees - Poplar Trees 1/1 ALL TREE SPECIES VOLLMIN GALLERY Landscapers & Wholesae LANDSCAPERS AND WHOLESALE You've got a tough job. Let us make it a bit easier. To all our landscaping friends out there, we know you’re working hard enough as it is. You need a dependable tree supply company that delivers quality products at great prices whenever and wherever you need them. QUICK AND EASY PICK-UP PROCESS Looking to ditch the logistical nightmares when you go to pick up trees? At Vollmin, we make sure it's a quick and easy pick-up. STEADY SUPPLY OF PREMIUM TREES At Vollmin, we have over 50+ years of experience working with landscapers to supply their large-scale tree-planting projects with premium trees. Make sure to ask about our wholesale discount. CALL VOLLMIN LESLIE FRIESEN “Top notch! Used these guys several times over the years. Best quality Alberta trees, great prices, and excellent people to work with. Stop searching around, you’ve found the best.” Read more of our 5-star Google reviews. VISIT REVIEWS

  • Vollmin Trees | Tree Nursery

    CALL NOW THE BEST PRAIRIE-HARDY TREES From folks with solid roots. Family-owned and operated, Vollmin Trees is Calgary's most established tree farm and tree nursery, providing homeowners and landscapers with the highest-quality Alberta trees and exceptional turn-key style service since 1966. SEND US AN EMAIL OUR STORY TREE SALES The highest-quality Alberta trees for all your planting needs. Vollim Trees - Landscaping and Wholesale LANDSCAPING & WHOLESALE If you're a landscaper looking for a dependable and efficient tree supply company, inquire about our landscaper discount. MAKE AN INQUIRY Vollmin Trees - Acreages LARGE YARDS & ACREAGES We specialize in mid to large-scale tree planting projects for larger yards and acreages. ​ Don't forget to inquire about our wholesale discount. TREE CATALOGUE Vollmin Trees -Residential Sales RESIDENTIAL SALES Searching for a tree or trees for your residential yard? Browse our selection of tree species. BROWSE TREES TREE SERVICES Experienced yard design with your vision in mind. More than just a place to buy trees, at Vollmin, our experienced staff takes the guesswork out of tree planting, assisting homeowners and landscapers with tree planting and moving and optimal design while keeping their visions in mind. TREE PLANTING & PLACEMENT With 50+ years of experience, Vollmin has perfected the most successful tree harvesting and planting practices. LEARN MORE TREE MOVING When it comes to moving trees, it’s not just about the equipment but the care that goes into using it. ​ LEARN MORE WHY CHOOSE VOLLMIN? Competitive Prices Vollmin -Best Tree Prices Get exceptional Alberta trees at unbeatable prices. Quality Trees Quality Alberta Trees The best quality trees grown by a company with solid roots. Remarkable Service Best Tree Service Your tree supply needs met. Your expectations exceeded. LESLIE FRIESEN “Top notch! Used these guys several times over the years. Best quality Alberta trees, great prices, and excellent people to work with. Stop searching around, you’ve found the best.” Read more of our 5-star Google reviews. VISIT REVIEWS

  • TREE SPECIES | Vollmin Trees

    CALL NOW TREE SPECIES A wide variety of trees for all your planting needs. We offer a large variety of Chinook hardy trees grown in the Alberta climate zone at the best possible prices. All tree sales include planting and one year warranty. ​ SEND US AN EMAIL Colorado and Shubet Greenash and elm COLORADO SPRUCE Spruce trees are a great year-round privacy and shelter belt tree because they retain their needles through the seasons. Growing 6-12" per year. Needle colour varies from green to blue. View more photos SHUBERT Shubert is a large, fast-growing tree with a circular canopy. Green foliage and white flowers in spring. Its leaves turn a vibrant purple in late June. Shuberts show a variety of colours throughout the growing season. View more photos ELM Elm trees have a v-shaped canopy tree. With green foliage all season, this works as a great privacy or feature tree. The canopy shape allows lots of clearance from ground level to branch heights. Fast growing, no fruit. View more photos GREEN ASH Green Ash trees have an oval-shaped canopy with green foliage which turns golden yellow in the fall. These are large trees that do well in moist ground conditions. Fast growing, no fruit. View more photos TREMBLING ASPEN The trembling Aspen has a canopy with green leaves that make a faint trembling sound in the wind. A native tree to colder climates. Normally planted in clusters or groups. Creates a natural privacy screen. View more photos SWEDISH COLUMNAR ASPEN With a tall cylinder shape canopy, this is the ideal tree to plant in tight rows to establish a large privacy screen or to line driveways. Very fast growing and effective in limited space. View more photos Trembling Aspen poplar and roshern Sring snow a starite POPLAR Poplars have a large, fast-growing canopy. These are great for establishing a perimeter with lots of privacy. Good for large yards and acreage settings. View more photos ROSTHERN The Rosthern Flowering Crab has upright branches that are ideal for smaller landscapes. Green leaf with an abundance of lovely white flowers in the spring. View more photos SPRING SNOW The Spring Snow Flowering Crab has a circular canopy. Covered with white flowers in spring makes, this tree a popular choice for a front yard show piece. No fruit. View more photos STARLITE The Starlite Flowering Crab has a circular canopy tree. Green leaf, decretive dense white flowers in spring. Produces small red berry clusters. View more photos GLADIATOR The Gladiator Flowering Crab has an upright canopy, purple leaves and vibrant pink flowers. It produces purple ornamental fruit. Great feature tree. View more photos THUNDERCHILD The Thunderchild flowering crab has an upright lower canopy with beautiful fragrant pink flowers in the spring. This tree has is a purple leaf with ornamental fruit. View more photos Gladiator and thunder Courageos willow COURAGEOUS The Courageous Flowering Crab has an upright cylinder shape canopy. Pink with white overtone flowers, the Courageous grows green leaves that turn a purplish green. View more photos WILLOW Willows thrive in wet environments. not submerged but just above the water table. Dense green foliage and very fast-growing. View more photos MOUNTAIN ASH Mountain Ash have dark green leaves and flower white followed by bright red berry clusters. Beautiful orange, yellow and reddish fall colours. Ideal front yard tree or feature tree for your landscape. View more photos TREE LILAC Tree Lilac is a circular canopy with green foliage. flowers fragrant white flowers late spring. Excellent feature tree witch doesn't intrude on other landscaping View more photos COLUMNAR SPRUCE Columnar Spruce is a great choice for residential settings. They do not take up yard space as much yard space as regular spruce yet still create a year-round privacy screen. View more photos PINE An upright pyramid shape canopy, Pine blends in with the natural landscape. A native tree Alberta area makes it hardy to this environment. Provides year-round greenery. View more photos Mountain Ash and Lilac Columnar Sprce Pine Ready to place an order? SEND US AN EMAIL GIVE US A CALL LESLIE FRIESEN “Top notch! Used these guys several times over the years. Best quality Alberta trees, great prices, and excellent people to work with. Stop searching around, you’ve found the best.” Read more of our 5-star Google reviews. VISIT REVIEWS

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